The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
   LaGuardia Airport
   Hangar #7 - 1st Floor
   Flushing, NY  11371
   Tel. (718) 533-3539


Completed:   12/31/2006 - $12,534,471

Gateway Industries Inc. provided all the necessary Maintenance & Protection of Traffic in three (3) Stages of the 700 LF bridge to complete work during daily day-time and night-time work of LaGuardia Airport as well as commuters traveling on the Grand Central Parkway.


  • Temporary shielding: 40,000 SF
  • Demolition of existing reinforced concrete bridge deck: 46,000 SF
  • Furnished and installed new HP concrete reinforced bridge deck: 46,000 SF
  • Construct new cast-in-place bridge parapets: 1,600 LF
  • Construct new cast-in-place median barriers: 800 LF
  • Furnished and installed new structural steel modifications: 320 Tons
  • Removed and replaced bridge bearings including temporary supports: 500 KIP/EA
  • Furnished and installed new bridge drainage system complete with scuppers and downspouts
  • Furnished and installed new under-bridge 12-inch steel water-main with welded joints: 800 LF
  • Complete blasting and painting of existing structural steel utilizing Class A containment system: 45,000 SF
  • Furnished and installed new armored joint system: 400 LF
  • Furnished and installed complete new electrical system